Victoria’s illustration work primarily consists of watercolors, pen, and pencil. However, she does work in other mediums from time to time. Her art can be described as whimsical, spiritual, and inspired by nature. Themes often include faeries, nature spirits, plants, animals, and allegorical figures.


Circlets & Art Jewelry

Victoria creates handmade faerie circlets in a variety of styles and colors. No two every come out exactly the same. She also creates jewelry made from mini-prints of her original illustration art. She creates original art earrings and necklaces of varying styles.

Hand-Drawn Batiks

Batik is a fabric dying process which originated in Indonesia and has since spread to many other parts of the world. Batik wax is drawn or stamped onto fabric and acts as a resist to dye. Victoria primarily uses the dip dye technique, in which she draws by hand in wax, immerses the piece in one color, draws in wax again, and immerses it in another color. This results in 3 or more different colors through the process of waxing and dying. Each piece Victoria creates is unique. No two ever come out exactly the same. She draws most of the batiks by hand using a tool called a tjanting, which wax flows out of and sometimes uses brushes dipped in wax as well. She most frequently creates batiks on clothing so that her customers can enjoy wearable unique pieces of art.