Summer Is Here…

Summer is here (almost). Socially anyway, summer has arrived, despite the fact that the summer solstice has not yet occurred. Once the spring and summer get into full swing, things really get busy! I’ve been working with some great people on all kinds of projects. I have worked on many websites, done some craft events and worked on art. I’ve also been involved in other activities including dance performances and friend’s and family’s weddings. This time of year always picks up the pace, but sometimes you also need a little break.

I took the opportunity to take a mini-vacation with my husband’s family in Cape Cod this past weekend. Some of my favorite moments were taking hikes on nature trails. The Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge in Chatham, MA was a great spot to visit and gave me the opportunity to bring out the camera for some artistic photos. (Click the photos to view them larger)

The trail starts out at the top of a hill, with steps to walk down to the beach. Normally you’d be able to see Monomoy Island, where the seals come for the season, but it was so foggy you couldn’t even see it. The fog did make for a neat picture though!

Even under your feet, when you might not even think about it, there is life. Tiny barnacles are stuck to a rock on the beach, with small bits of seaweed between. Once a barnacle is attached to a surface, it is there for life.

An interesting juxtaposition. On the left are beach plum blossoms in bloom in the more forested portion of the trail. These flowers will eventually become small plum-like fruits that will feed birds and other wildlife. On the right is the body of a crab, its shell remaining. It too feeds other wildlife, such as seagulls and other sea birds.

A seagull takes flight as I approach, with food in bill. Perhaps it was afraid I would come steal its meal.

To learn more about the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge, visit the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s website.

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